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Headline review - One Freeman's War

"This really was a terrific book. I love the author's writing style. So easy and fluent. The historical aspect was absolutely wonderful, giving me such a good view of the life around this story that I really felt like I was there! An amazing story, and written so powerfully, I'd suggest this book to all my friends as a wonderful read!" 
​  - Nicole A. Blake

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One Freeman's war is now a series with new release...'how I beat satan...and the i.r.s.' ​Non-fiction Freedom technology ESCAPE THE MATRIX CONSULTING

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If you're tired of the same ol'', same ol', from the likes of Fox News and other media who pretend to be 'conservative' but do nothing to hold government officials accountable to the constitution and the the bill of rights, then you need this book!  The tea party has the right idea, but they have no clue about the real issues.  Christian news is often 'lukewarm' if not downright on the wrong path.  To solve any problem, you must see clearly!  Get the book!

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