The greatest pillar used to impose tyranny upon the masses is to CREATE DEPENDENCE!  

What happens to America when the Khazarian mafia exports all the jobs overseas and the USA has no more manufacturing?  

What happens when the secret tax which is imposed on everyone (inflation created  by the Federal Reserve) eats away at your buying power and you can't buy a full cart of groceries anymore?  

What happens when between the economy, financial policies and political correctness your family breaks apart at the seams because both parents are forced to work just to survive, and then one loses a job?   You get the idea. 

During the Obama administration the people receiving food stamps, free stuff, government jobs and guarantees from government of all kinds, it at an all time historical high.  

If you love freedom, you need to break free from government benefits.  You have to break free from spending 8 hours or more of your day working for someone else.  The best way to break free from the control mechanisms is to create  your own independent cash flow and start to become your own person!  Take control of your time, your energy, your family and your destiny! 

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