Oaths of Office

The oath of office is the public servants 'contract' with the people and is required by law to be filed, usually with the secretary of state.  Without this oath on file, there is no authority to act for the public and the 'actor' is impersonating a pubic official, which is a crime. When this 'contract' is violated there are usually damages involved.  People can collect on those damages without going to court!  Start learning more.  Get the book!

That's what the media would have you believe, surely.  They are typecast as "lunatics who 'think' they are above the law", which is a deliberate smear tactic so you don't get 'curious' and try to leave the corral yourself!  Sovereign citizens understand the difference between 'public law' and 'private law' and they have chosen to live free, yet bound by 'private law' as peaceful, productive citizens.  The people who follow mainstream media don't have a clue on this issue and will never be free until they do!  Until you understand the law, you don't have a chance. This is why this book was written! Start with the 'Introduction' and don't stop until you are finished!

If you said 'The U.S. Supreme Court' you'd be wrong!   There is a court, for the people, which is the court of first and last resort with original and exclusive jurisdiction for the sovereign people of the county.  It isn't used much anymore because there are virtually no sovereign citizens to be found!  But some citizens have revived it and you will see one in action!  Read more starting from page 211. 

Does the government create money?  No.  (but it should!)

Does the Federal Reserve create money?  No. They only 'print' negotiable instruments.  The people are 'sponsors of the credit' and thus have the power to create the current medium of exchange that we use today which is 'credit' (there is no 'money').  Once you understand commerce and credit you will never look at the world the same again.  What we have to tell you is too 'HOT' to handle here.  Start reading Chapter 15. 

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in the majority opinion of U.S. vs. Lopez 514 U.S. 549 (1995): "...The Federal government has nothing approaching a police power."  So why do Americans have the Feds crawling up one side and down the other wherever they go?  There is a remedy but you need your sheriff to learn the law!  Read page 209 in Chapter 14

Who creates money?

Just for fun, some researchers asked the Congressional Research Service to pull copies of the legally required charter for the F.B.I.  After all, every federal agency is required to have a charter and be listed in the Federal Register, right?  The Congressional Research Service says, "This entity doesn't exist!"  So then if the F.B.I. is NOT a federal agency, then what is it and what is it doing?   Start reading from page 211.  

Who is the F.B.I., really?

the highest court in the land?

But 'Sovereign citizens' are kooks, right?

The Fed Police powers

You may be aware of the story of Esau in the book of Genesis who traded his inheritance for a bowl of porridge.  His only interest was his immediate need and he suffered greatly for his ignorance.  Nearly all Americans have done exactly the same thing in exchanging their God given rights, for regulated commercial privileges granted by the state.   You can move back to the 'private side' from the 'public side' but only if you have the knowledge.  Start with the chart  in the Preface.

No Individual rights

A registered C.P.A. frequently used as an 'expert witness' in court and who trains thousands of other C.P.A.s in continuing education requirements says, "Every bank loan is a fraud!"

Learn why, how and what to do about it in chapter 15.

Bank Fraud

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