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THE PREVIOUS TAXPAYER:  1 hour 14 minute video workshop showing you how to use the law properly along with strategic intelligence to say 'Bye-Bye' to the IRS once and for all.  You will sleep better than you ever have before knowing that you are safe and secure in the law and that  you have made yourself 'undesirable' for anyone to want to attack you. Applying this knowledge has protected the author from civil proceedings and criminal prosecutions, permanently! He eliminated 'alleged' amounts the IRS claimed were owed, by operation of law. This information is designed to difuse any Grand Jury trying to indict you on income tax issues. Block the only 2 ways the IRS can hurt you and be completely immune. Do all this without ever going into court or having to learn any legal mumbo jumbo. In fact, that's the whole point isn't it? Staying 'OUT" of court! This is the path that all Americans need to take to reclaim 'the law', our natural rights, our peace and prosperity. Enough said... find out for yourself.

RESEARCH DOCUMENTS PACKAGE: This is where the rubber meets the road!  The document package includes the Memorandum of Law, Legal Research and the document templates used by the author himself to level the playing field and obtain justice as provided by the law.    This impeccable and exhaustive research is presented as the method that the author took in traveling the 'high road' both morally and legally.  It exemplified good faith and intent to honor the law.  It establishes the record which cannot be impeached and it became the prima facie case for the author which stands unrebutted  to this day, many years later.  This package  includes examples of all documents related to the: NOTICE OF OFFER OF PERFORMANCE and DEFAULT which serves to eliminate 'alleged amounts owed' by operation of law in the U.C.C..  (see the book)

It also includes the FILING STATEMENT which the author used himself for several years in lieu of the 1040 which properly established his correct status and taxable activity, as per 'the law' in a 6 page legal memorandum which he asks the IRS to confirm or deny.  The IRS has admitted the veracity of the documents by their silence and failure to proceed further against the author upon receiving these legal bombshells!  The record has been set...permanently. 

These sample research documents are offered only for personal information and education on the research contained.

You know the horror stories; 

  • Bank accounts wiped out without due process
  • Wages garnished without notice or a court order
  • Bogus 'Assessments' being conjured up out of thin air
  • Property liened and frozen without recourse
  • Businesses ruined without any arbitration
  • Obamacare fines being levied when you can't afford the insurance in the first place! 
  • And now - passports being withheld if 'they say' you owe too much!  

Where does it all end? 

It ends right HERE! 

The 'IRS Freedom' Package provides you with the tools to use not only the law, but it also provides the advanced strategic positioning you may consider to defend yourself ! Even better than that, it provides the research, memorandums of law and actual first hand testimony and personal experience of how the author successfully rid his life of the IRS once and for all, PERIOD!  That was 25 years ago and today he moves about the country and the world freely enjoying true freedom and peace of mind.

Here's what you get in this incredibly powerful package of resources:





What's it worth to have those liens and levies removed? 

What's it worth to never have to file a 1040 again? 

What's it worth to have that bogus 'Assessment' go away forever?

What's it worth to have the IRS 'forgive' any amount they say you owe? 

What's it worth to keep all the money you make for yourself and your family for the rest of your life and never have to be looking over your shoulder?

What it's worth is tens of thousands of dollars.  For those who are more successful among us, it's worth hundreds of thousands if not more!

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I'm not going to do that.   You see, I'm not in this for the money.  I want to fight unlawful, tyrannical abuse of authority and help Americans rise up from being 'victims' to being 'victors'!  We need to turn things around in this country and the people need to stand up and be heard.   I want this information to spread like a Kansas grassfire on a windy day!  

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Together, we can get enough people acting as private law enforcement we can put the IRS back in their box with NOTICE...not to mess with us!  The fraud is in the open and the 'gig' is up for them!  

If we fail to do this, hey!  We're all screwed!   My option then will be to charge a reasonable amount of several thousands of dollars to business people and others who really value it and will benefit.  So the price will go up and the program will not be so readily available to the masses. 

You see, my experience is that many people are lazy.  Many don't give a crap about what goes on outside of their own lives.  And I'm just not going to be giving something this valuable away to people who really don't care!  You with me?  There's a passage in the bible about 'throwing pearls to swine' which comes to mind. 

So, that's the deal.  You got it for a fraction of its lifetime value!  If you take advantage, I'm counting on you to share it with your friends and contacts, and together we can start a movement.  We're on the march to liberty and prosperity!  I've done it.  So can you!

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The 'IRS Freedom' Educational package

THE I.R.S. LIEN AND LEVY PACKAGEis a set of instructions, memorandum of law and sample letters allowing anyone who has been unjustly or illegally liened (i.e. property) or levied (i.e. wages & bank accounts) to challenge incorrect and/or illegal processes against them.  It helps you to guide third parties like banks, employers, county recorders, etc. in understanding their legal duties and what they can do to remedy any illegal acts they may have participated in.  Failure to gain the necessary cooperation in complying with the law sets the stage for recovering serious damages should you choose that route.   So they either a) cooperate with your request to honor the law and do the correct thing, which is to solve your problem, or B) they refuse and willingly violate the law after having been put on notice, depriving you of your rights and property thus allowing for a serious legal liability to you for damages. Don't you much prefer being in the 'Drivers Seat' as opposed to being a helpless victim?  

HOW I BEAT SATAN...AND THE I.R.S.  - This quick, easy to read, fun, 70 page bombshell outlines 10 different approaches the author himself used to protect himself from the IRS, permanently!    You'll learn the immensely effective strategies that the author used himself to STAY OUT of harms way once and for all.  Currently being sold on Amazon, this 'one of a kind' publication is yours, included in this package!  This is the starting point to your 'Protection Plan' and will provide important context and explanation of the sample research documents provided below!  Get your free copy right now.  Finish the video and page review and you'll find the link at the bottom of this page. 

  This educational package is NOT a 'Get out of Jail Free' card and will not solve ALL problems.  It is best used as 'preventive medicine' to permanently avoid problems and walk away from the voluntary program safely and effectively BEFORE  a crisis comes upon you.  To access the course, you'll find it in the Private Member Associaton (PMA) website for THE NATIONAL ACTION TASK FORCE (NATF).  It's free to join and when you log in just look for 'Courses' in the menu.  Go now to

This video workshop is nearly 1 hour in length.  If you have a job working for a corporation as an employee you have some issues relating to 'legal status'.  In this STOP WITHOLDING video workshop we'll take a completely practical and business based approach to re-evaluating your relationship with your employer and we'll explore ways on how you can re-define what you do for your employer, how you do it and how you get paid for it.  A successful result will look like: an increase in gross pay, zero withholdings, deductions or other payments and a potential zero tax liability and possibly less commuting time, all generated in the process.  If you don't get paid a dime more than you do now, you'll definitely have a raise in 'take home' pay if you can implement this successfully! 



Section 83 of the Internal Revenue Code itself is very clear and specific in saying, in essence, that any amount which is considered fair market value which is received as compensation for services (i.e. wages, labor, contract services, etc.) is NOT considered 'Gross Income subject to Subtitle A Income Taxes'.  The courts have agreed repeatedly.

Your package contains a research document derived from the essential material provided by the courts establishing that your wages or payment for services are not subject to Subtitle A income taxes.  It will be yours with this package.  This alone brings together a mountain of supporting case law and analysis which, in most cases, frees you from assumed liability for personal income taxes.  Understand the law.  Just follow the law, and make sure those who are involved in your finances follow the law and everything works just fine.

Beyond that, you'll also have guidance on how to file a case in tax court which will stop the IRS dead in their tracks. It has in over 500 cases!

And if that weren't enough, the new tax bill Trump just signed into law before last Christmas re-confirms in statutory code, the constitutional protections against taxation upon your private property (labor).   You'll have the research on that. 

I could go on, but that would be true overkill.  I think you get the point.