You’ve seen the Law Firm ads:  “Have you been hurt? Damaged or Offended?”  Come in for a free consultation and we’ll make you rich off of some poor sucker who is just trying to make a living and support his family! (....or something like that.)

If you are engaged with the public in any way, or these days even if you are minding your own business, and you own assets...or are even 'perceived' as having anything worth grabbing, you are a target for some freeloader’s ‘get rich quick’ lawsuit.  And even if you win, how much will it cost you to defend yourself?   Win or lose, you lose!  

We’ve all been brought up to ‘own stuff’ and be proud of our ‘stuff’ which represents our level of success in life.  Our egos are attached to ‘our stuff’.  

This attitude makes it possible for parasites to get ‘your stuff’ when you least expect it. You need to fix this.  

If you are a successful Bible believing, conservative, evangelical, constitutionalist who 'clings to his guns' and speaks out for limited, lawful government, you KNOW you are already a TARGET and it's just a matter of time before your number comes up!  And if you are a Veteran?  Woweee!  Duck! 

Those aren’t my words! You know they come directly from new Army and Federal Law Enforcement training manuals.  That’s old news. ​​

Is This You?

Private Property & Asset Protection

You’ve seen the video reports that the new militarized police have MRAVs and other exotic weapons and armor for what they consider extreme ‘constitutionalists’ aka 'domestic terrorists'!  What’s ‘extreme’ you ask?  ‘You’ are extreme if you have a mind of your own and are not ‘passive’ enough to just blindly take any unlawful, stupid order you are given!

Our 'Escape the Matrix' webinar covers a lot of ground and lays out the roadmap for shifting  your life into 'High Gear'!  You'll learn the 5 paradigm shifts you need to make and the 3 Keys to apply to each of those shifts.  With those in place, you'll be amazed at how you can ramp up into a higher level of peace and productivity and live the life of your dreams without the headaches and hassle of living in servitude to those who only want to 'take' from you.   Register for the next 'Live' webinar or catch the 'Replay' when you have 90 minutes to concentrate and absorb the powerful info we have for you.  Once you've accomplished this, 'then' fill out the questionnaire and set your appointment!   Click Here for the Webinar page.

This is Not for Everybody…
Here’s Who I Can Help

I’m willing to have a private STRATEGY SESSION with you to get you protected. The consultation is FREE. 

Before we talk, you need to attend my 60 minute webinar to understand what's possible, how it works and how you will benefit from taking action.  With this, we can zero-in on a specific plan for you.  You'll come away from this webinar with new ideas, concepts and actionable items you can put to work right away.

So to get the webinar details,  I first need you to fill out a quick questionnaire.  The link is below.  This will help me prepare some ideas specific for your personal situation, in advance.  I'll review the questionnaire personally and if we are a fit, I’ll invite you to the webinar and send you details by email.  Again that webinar is FREE! 

Once we you do that, we'll schedule our private STRATEGY SESSION.  From there, you’ll have a crystal clear idea exactly 'what' to do to move your life to a higher level of security, peace, prosperity and freedom.  When have you ever gotten a better offer? 

I bring up these points above because I have direct personal experience on all of these issues and have dealt with them successfully! There are at least one, usually several different strategies for dealing with each one of these issues.  So it’s not a ‘One size fits all’.  There are ‘different sizes’ for different people. 

I have been free from the trappings of most ‘residents’ and ‘citizens’ and I’ve been living a life of freedom that few people can even imagine.  I’ve been walking the talk for 25 years.  Very few people in this world live as free as I do and enjoy the blessings of life that God has here for us.  

I want you to benefit from my knowledge and experience.  I want to share  the blessings that God has given me, with you.  Life can be a wonderful, fantastic experience and that is the fulfillment of God’s design for our lives.  We were NOT created to live under slavery and servitude of unGodly minions of human misery. 

I understand that many people will not go to the extent that I did to achieve total freedom and live like I do.  But there are things everyone can do in their own lives, to varying degrees.

Any security advisor will tell you that when you talk security, you can talk about 1 ring of security, 2 rings or even 3 rings of security, or more to secure a given area.  We’ll do the same with your personal plan.  You will decide how far you want to take it and how serious you want to get. 

But an increase in your security, peace and freedom to ANY degree would be an important improvement. 

The Definition of Insanity​​

Do you have a business providing services to weddings and feel violated when someone who doesn’t share your values demands that you violate those values, ‘or else’?  If you were structured properly, you could politely tell the tyrants, ‘I’m sorry but I can’t help you now’ and no matter how much they wanted to cause trouble, there would be nothing they could do because you’ve already used the laws on the books to immunize yourself. 

Get your questionnaire completed  if you haven't already done so.  You'll do it online and it only takes about 2 minutes. Use the Green Button below

Doesn’t it make you feel good when you read the 4th Amendment to the constitution which guarantees your right to be secure in your home, papers and personal effects?  Ha!  Quaint history!  What a joke! 

Now that you know that you are a ‘target’, you certainly must know about the new ‘Stinger’ technology which various government elements are using as they roam around neighborhoods and eavesdrop on your cell phone calls without a warrant.  They spy on you from inside your home from your smart TV or computer as admitted by Google and Microsoft and can see through walls with special heat sensor equipment.  And of course that doesn’t account for the NSA soaking up all of your electronic communications.  All standard operating procedure.

Did you see the recent story of an intelligent hard working veteran being arrested in his own home in Connecticut, without a warrant or probable cause or even ‘reasonable suspicion’ that a crime was committed, and he was committed to a mental hospital for evaluation and re-education for... get this... making a post in Facebook that was ‘Anti-Obama’? Think about that and what that means to our entire society.  True Story.  This is our ‘Reality’ today. How will you protect yourself? 

​So when the SHTF do you really think you will be able to just step aside and be 'anonymous'?  Really?​​


All ‘so called’ law which is actually only corporate statutes (legislative code) for 'members'  have jurisdictional clauses which determine ‘who’ the statute applies to and how.  Generally speaking, such ‘codes’ apply only to ‘residents’ who are ‘doing business’ within the boundaries of the state.  

Without having to move or change your ‘abode’, what if you could get rid of the legal tripwires and trappings of being a ‘resident’ and also other badges of ‘doing business’?  If you were not, by definition in fact and law, a ‘resident’ engaged in ‘business’ within the state, how would all state ‘code’ apply to you?  Or would it? 

The same applies to all levels of jurisdiction including the Federal level.

The First Step:
'Escape the Matrix' Webinar

Here’s My Offer...​​

As you can imagine, my time is extremely limited and I have to be very judicious on how I spend it.  I cannot help everybody. So please look at my criteria for scheduling an appointment and see if you fit or not; 

...The people I help are required to be: fed up, independent minded, willing to learn, open to new ways of doing things and willing to take personal responsibility for their own lives and for their accomplishments.  There is only one person who is going to get results in your life and we both know who that is.

2...Your word is your bond and when you say you’ll do something, you do it! No 'ifs', 'ands' or 'buts'!  When presented with a viable plan, you are prepared to make a decision and act on it NOW!

3...You must be a law abiding, hard working, God fearing human being!  I will not get involved with shady people, criminals or any 'unlawful' activity! 

3...The greatest benefits will accrue to those who are already successful, confident independent business people or professionals, or who have an estate which has value sufficient to warrant attention. 

4...This is not for people who spend most of their time watching T.V., play video games or work as an employee so they can be 'Just Over Broke' or who like to complain and whine but never do anything about it.   If you are tied to a union, relying on a federal or state government pension or other government benefits to survive, this is not for you. My methods won't work for you.  If you think Debbie Wasserman Schultz or Nancy Pelosi are great people, please do NOT continue. We won't get along. I would accept people who voted for Obama, but only if you see the error of your ways and repent!  

5...For all the idiots and troublemakers out there, I operate as a free man and if I don't like you, I won't work with you. Done!  I have the freedom to associate with whom I like and that's just how it is. 

So if this is not for you right now, don’t worry!  You may request to join our discussion group on Facebook  for some HOT discussions and tips and maybe we’ll see you there!

If You Are Still With Me and Ready to Continue...
Here’s What You Need to Do!

P.C. Police & Social Agenda Militants

Your Privacy vs. The Surveillance State​​

Labor Laws, City, State and Federal Agencies

You Know the Score...

Traffic Stops

State Statutes

How Would You Like Me to Prepare for You...

A Complete, Detailed and Comprehensive Plan To; 

Escape the Matrix!

In Other Words...
Disappear in Plain Sight, Remove Your Assets from the Grasp of Predators, Restructure Your Livelihood to be Free from Bureau-Rats, Drop Below the Radar, Immunize Yourself from Prosecution of ‘Victimless Crimes’, Generate Significant Tax Free Cash Flow without worry!  

You can Operate Fully in Accordance with the Organic ‘Natural Law’ AND be in full compliance with the ‘Legislative Code’ so you can sleep in PEACE! 

Would you Let Me Work With You And Work Out a Plan...

Show you exactly 'what' to do...
For Free?  

Use this button to schedule a private appointment by phone or Skype.  One of our team will contact you at the appointed time to discuss your questionnaire and lay out a plan to dramatically impact your life and future!   Please note that appointments requested will not be confirmed without a completed questionnaire. 

The I.R.S.



From the Desk of Mark Emery

Researcher - Author - Teacher - Freedom Fighter

November 01, 2015

I’ve fired worthless employees who were over protected by extensive, anti-business labor laws and who would then try to cause me harm to get vengeance.   As soon as their butts hit the street they wanted to file complaints and threaten lawsuits...until they found out that I made myself and my business immune.  They had no choice but to tuck their tails between their legs and scurry away without a whimper.  

And what about: OSHA, FDA, EPA, FUTA, FICA, City Inspectors, County Commissioners, County tax board, City Council, and the rest of ‘the gang’?  Do you deal with any of them? Just how much longer would you like to continue your relationships with these fine people?  Do you enjoy those relationships? How much is it costing you? 

You know that the I.R.S. goes after political targets and if you are deemed 'successful' enough that they smell money....Lookout!  And when they do, they don’t give a crap about ‘due process’ or ‘the law’...they take ‘what you got’ when they want.  And good luck fighting to get it back!  See that black hole without a bottom?  Start pouring all your money there and don’t stop ‘till you’re empty!   If you don’t solve the problem ‘in advance’ you’ll be screwed if you wait until it happens! 

Good News! 

When you get pulled over on the road, do you do a mental ‘double check’ ...’Do I have all my ‘papers’? Where are they?  ...and find your heart racing?  You've seen the horror stories of traffic stops gone bad!

Wouldn’t it feel good, when you get pulled over on the road, to know that you have a ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’ that works every time?   And once the officer knows ‘who’ you are, all he can say is: “Slow down a little and have a nice day!”   I’ve done it using a tried and true method several times.  It works every time.

You know the problem.  You know you’re a target, or could be at any moment.  You know the danger that’s lurking to turn your life inside out and upside down on a moment’s notice without warning.  How long do you want to continue ‘doing business as usual‘ and holding yourself out to the risks that lurk in every corner around you?  Are you a gambler?  Willing to roll the dice and see what comes up?  Will you just wait until something happens and then ‘think about it’?   Noah survived the flood, because he diligently ‘prepared’ for the storm well in advance.  Will you?