#2 video workshop in the series: ACQUIRING THE PT LIFESTYLE. Learn how simple it is to say 'Bye-Bye' to the IRS once and for all and sleep better than you ever have before! 

Protect yourself from civil proceedings and criminal prosecutions, permanently! Eliminate 'alleged' amounts the IRS claims you owe, by operation of law. Difuse any Grand Jury trying to indict you.

This powerful, practical workshop will show you how to block the only 2 ways the IRS can hurt you.  

Follow this strategy and be completely immune! 

You can do all this without ever going into court or having to learn any legal mumbo jumbo. In fact, that's the whole point isn't it? Staying 'OUT' of court! This is the path that all Americans need to take to reclaim 'the law', our natural rights, our peace and prosperity.

People all across the land are learning about the fraud, about the law and how to legally 'Opt Out' once and for all.  You can join the movement!  Be a part of this growing movement to enforce the law, put tyranny back it its box and reclaim our God given rights. 

This workshop is refreshingly practical, sensible and with a minimum of 'legalese'. 

​Freedom is there for you, if you are bold enough to claim it! 

Enough said... find out for yourself.