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A 'Permit' or a 'License' is a limited permission to do that which is otherwise illegal. Question:  When did it become illegal to move down the road?  When did it become illegal to get married?  When did it become illegal to repair my own home?  And why to I need to pay for permission to do that which God has already given me the right to do in Natural law?

Permits & Licenses

How do you hold corrupt public officials accountable for their actions in a corrupt 'old boy' network court system?  Oh Boy....if you only knew!  Since they have us engaged in commercial activity in order to regulate us, the rules of banking and commerce provide and excellent and streamlined approach to peacefully establish the truth of the matter in the public record and to exact 'damages' where it hurts, in the pocketbook! All of this in an 'extra-judicial' proceeding which means 'no court process required'! 


Anyone who has group insurance at work knows that they have a 'certificate of insurance' which is NOT the insurance policy.  The employer is the principal owner of the policy, not you.  The same holds true with your automobile.  The 'Certificate of Title' is NOT 'The Title'.  It proves that someone else holds the title!  But who?  You paid for it.  Sounds like fraud!  There is a remedy!

certificate of title

The 'king' of his castle can rent it out.  If the renter doesn't pay, the king takes his castle  back from the renter.  So then, if 'you' are king of 'your castle', how is it that if you don't pay property taxes, you get removed from 'the' property?  Simple!  You are not the owner!  Home ownership is a myth unless you understand what 'allodial title' is and how to get it. 

Property Rights

Are you an elected public official working in Washington D.C.?  If so, then these apply to you (only). What about everybody else? You can read it straight from the Federal Statutes.  Get the book.

SubTitle A 'Income taxes'

Traffic Tickets only apply if you are engaged in Commerce.  You'll learn how you've been tricked to move from the 'private' side to 'regulated commercial activity' in everything you do. You can move back to the 'private side' if you like but it takes some knowledge.

Traffic Tickets

I am living proof that 'Yes', an 'old dog' CAN learn new tricks!  Your greatest tool in building a life of freedom is 'knowledge'.   Are you prepared to read, learn and expand your thinking? Here are a few examples what you'll be learning about from the book, among many other things...

Are you prepared to learn new things?

What you do today, will affect you tomorrow.  This page will explore some of the ideas and potential benefits of taking matters into your own hands and starting your FREEDOM QUEST now!   Getting your copy of ONE FREEMAN'S WAR is the starting point.

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