Rights vs. Privileges 

By Mark Emery

How often have you seen some news showing how the authorities abuse some person and you said to yourself, “they can’t do that!”.  Or maybe you’ve been in court and demanded your rights, and the judge shut you right down!  You may have heard how an elderly U.S. military veteran was about to lose his home for simply putting a small little U.S.A. flag in a flower pot on his patio.  Examples are everywhere and they seem to be on the increase. 

There’s a very clear and concise answer for this and it’s found in the law, but very few people understand these critical issues. 

Think about this: 

a ‘License’ or ‘Permit’ is a limited, conditional
permission to do that which is otherwise illegal.

Question:  when did it become illegal to get married? 

Question:  when did it become illegal to move down the road?

Question:  when did it become illegal to do home repairs on my own home?

Question:  why do I have to pay someone else to get permission to deal with my own property and life?

Try to do any of the above without a ‘license’ or ‘permit’ and see what happens!  Sorry, but you are a 'regulated commodity'!

Rights are naturally inherent and God given and cannot be taken away or regulated by anybody!  

Privileges (licenses & permits) are ‘bestowed’ to favored parties who apply for benefits.  Those applicants are then governed by the terms of the 'adhesion contract' (non-negotiable terms) which they agree to upon application for those 'benefits'.  Of course there is never any 'full disclosure' of these terms and the contract can be challenged on the basis of fraudulent inducement.  But since people rarely challenge those assumptions, they stand as 'prima facie' evidence of the consensual contract by your voluntary signature.  Failure to Object is fatal!  So the contract operates on the basis of 'assumptions' and 'presumptions' which are taken by the issuer based on the 'admissions and confessions' you have made in signing the contract (application for benefits).  The benefits can be suspended or taken away by the grantor upon any violation of the contract.  There are no such things as 'rights' in contract law, other than what the contract provides for.

Which would you prefer to live by, Rights or Privileges?  If you are content with your privileges, carry on as you are. 

If you feel a need to better understand these issues and re-establish your inherent birthright given by God, get the book: