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FREEMAN: “A person in the possession and enjoyment of all the civil and political rights accorded to the people under a free government...”
- Black’s Law Dictionary (6th edition)

FREEMAN. One who is in the enjoyment of the right to do whatever he pleases, not forbidden by law. One in the possession of the civil rights enjoyed by the people generally.    - Bouvier’s Law Dictionary 1856 Edition, 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 164. See 6 Watts, 556:

What would your life look like IF... 

...You had no mortgage to pay?

...You had no student loans to pay?

...You had no credit card debt to pay?

...You had no income taxes to pay?

...You had no fines from traffic tickets...or

...No increases in insurance due to 'points' on your license?

...No FICA withholding from your paycheck?

...No FUTA withholding from your paycheck? 

...No other withholding from your paycheck? 

I know.  You're saying 'Yeah right!  Dream on!"  

O.K.  Let's 'dream on'! 

Look here...

What if I could prove to you, according to the law and modern accounting practices, that... 

...all bank loans are fraudulent

...all credit card debt is fraudulent, and the law provides a remedy to eliminate fraud!  Wouldn't this then also eliminate your debt if it was incurred fraudulently?  

Obviously, the bankers don't want these secrets to get out to the public and when you present them with the truth, and the possibility of going into a public courtroom, guess what they do?  They say, "Well now, we don't want you to go to that trouble and expense, we'll just zero out your balance if you promise to keep your mouth shut!"  

What if I could prove to you that the law provides ways to eliminate withholding from your paycheck?  Would that be a good thing for you?

What if I could prove to you that the I.R.S. agrees in their own code that you don't have to pay one dime of 'income taxes' on what you take home in your paycheck, or payment for services rendered?  

These are all little secrets that people don't know about because it's 'Not good for business'!   Imagine that! 

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